Welcome to BraDypUS


This documentation is aimed to be the complete guide to the installation, configuration, deploy, management, and develoment of BraDypUS, a web-based relational database managing system.

In this guide BDUS is used as a short form of BraDypUS; the terms are equivalent.


The guide is dedicated version 4.0.0, which is a major an almost total rewrite of the whole application with few, but remarkable, new features. Read the migration guide for more information.

Pay attention: version 3.x has been deprecated and applications will gradually be migrated. New installs of v3 are highly discouraged.

Target users

The guide is written both for expert users, who are very confortable with web technologies and for inexperienced ones, who just want to setup an efficient web database service.

Local test

Some information will be provided on how to setup a local development environment, but this part is mainly left to the user. Only minimal requirements will be introduced, aiming at having a basic but working local setup.