Creating a new template

BraDypUS uses Twig as a PHP template engine system-wide. Twig is also used to write templates.

But you really do not need a deep knowledge of PHP or Twig to write a template file; you really do not need any knowledge of PHP or Twig to create a template.

What you really need is:

  • (very) good knowledge of HTML
  • (very) good knowledge of Boostrap
    The usage of Bootstrap is not mandatory, but it can really help, and Bootstrap is already available in the core of BraDypUS.
  • a very good knowledge of the print object made available by BraDypUS.

File name and path

Template files must have .twig extension and must be placed in the template folder of the project, in the test case: projects/test/templates/

There exists no GUI feature to create and edit template files. You must use a code editor of your own and then upload the file in the server directory.

You can name your template files whatever you like, but it is recommended to choose a significatve name, possibly containing also a reference to te data-table they refer.

Templates named exactly after the the referenced data-table without prefix, eg. sites.twig or su.twig will be automatically loaded by the system for these tables. The same can be said for context-related template names, such as sites_edit.twig or sites_read.twig.