Deploy application

Once te application has been created, the last step is to publish it online so that it can be shared with collaborators and colleagues.

Bradypus can be installed in shared hosting services, virtual private servers (VPS) od cloud solutions. You just need PHP with PDO and a database server, if you are not going to use the default SQLite database.

The choise of the platform depends on the network velocity you want to grant to your users, the performance, the number of connections, security. Ie. budget.

If you are using a SQLite database you just need to upload your files to the remote server and your local application will be immediately available to your collaborators. If you are using MySQL or Postgresql, then you need to manually setup the server, upload the backup and update application configuration to use the new database service.

Manu hosting companies still offer FTP access to the remote server. This is very easy to use but highly insecure. You should use SFTP, FTPS or SSH to safely upload and download files from the server.