Stratigraphical relationship

Bradypus has built-in support for stratigraphical relationships management and the automatic construction of the Harris Matrix diagram.

The function can be activated for one or more tables, from the System Configuration, by accessing the Main settings of each table. The setting is called rs (which is Italian relazioni stratigrafiche).

From the drop-down menu chooes the column that contains the name of the context/stratum:

screenshot Activate Stratigraphical relationships

After the plugin has been activated, the plugin GUI will appear in the edit mode of each record.

Pay attention #1: the plugin will not be available on adding a new record form; it will appear only after the recprd has been created and opened in edit mode.

Pay attention #2: if you are using custom templates, you should explicitly add the plugin to the template, by adding

Relationships can be easily added by choosing from the drop-down menu the type of physical relationship between the two contextes and by adding manually the name of the second context, the first being the currently opened.

One a relatioship is added it can be easily deletec by clicking on the [x] near each context name.

screenshot Editing stratigraphical relationships

Pay attention: the relation between two contextes, eg. 10 and 11 can be defined only once and the system will throw an error if you try to add it again. If is not important if the relationship between 10 and 11 is added by editing the record of 10 or thato of 11. It will allways appear in both records. You can not edit a previously added relation. To change the relationship value, delete the relationship and add it again.

Graphical representation

One the relationships are aded you can automatically build a graphica representation of the Harris matrix.

In the results toolbar click on the matrix button:

screenshot Viewing the matrix

A dynamic graph will appear; you can zoom and pan it anc click on each node and the corresponding context records will be opened in read mode.

A link to a dynamic Harris Matrix will appear also in the System links, if the plugin has been activated for the destionation table:

screenshot Viewing the matrix