Database backup

Backups can be created by edit and above users;
backups can be deleted by admin and above users;
backups can be resored by super-admin users.

Backups are a very important maintainance and security feature of Bradypus database. The backup system has been re-writen from scratch in v.4 and is still going to be implemennted in the future.

At present, all three main database engines, SQLite, MySQL/MariaDB and PostreSQL are supported, via mysqldump, pg_dump and sqlite3 executables that must be installed.

Backups are gzipped SQL files containing structure and data, and are engine-dependent. This means that you cannot use this feature for migrations, ie. you can not import into MySQL a SQLite backup.

At present (v. 4.0.0-alpha.174) PostgreSQL backup cannot be restored by one-click procedure, like MySQL and SQLite ones.

screenshot Backups