Manual download and installation

To install Bradypus maually you need:

  • a connection to the Internet
  • a web browser
  1. Go to official repository on GitHub
  2. Click on Code and then on Download ZIP
  3. Extract the ZIP Archive in a directory served by the web server if available
  4. Create the folder projects inside BraDypUS directory
  5. If no web server is available, you need to use the terminal:

    5.1. Change directory to the extracted ZIP path: cd path/to/th/downloaded/and/unzipped/folder/BraDypUS 5.2. Start PHP’s web server: php -S localhost:8000
    To stop the PHP’s web server type CRL+C.

Now you are ready to create your first web database application. Open the browser and go to: http://localhost:8000/ if you are using PHP’s web server or to your localhost address if you are using a locally installed web browser.