Bradypus is shipped with a read-only JSON Rest API that makes it very easy to query and retrieve informations programmatically.

In Bradyus v3 the API was versioned, and two parallel versions were supported. In version 4 this is not true anymore and only the newest verion of the API is supported. For consistency, the API will always follow the version of BDUS. You should migrate as soon as possible your v1 based applications.

The API endpoint is available at the /api/ relative URL, eg.: https://bdus.cloud/db/api/.

The API function must be activated in the main app configuration file in order for the API to work. The API should run as a specific user of the database

Foreach API call the application name and a set of parameters should be provided in the URL in the form: https://{base-url}/api/{app-name}/?parameters, eg.: https://bdus.cloud/dev/db/api/tests/?parameters

Available parameters